An innovative way to sign-up for your torah readings
Where tradition meets technology.

WebParasha is a secure and affordable hosted web app service in constant evolution that allows synagogue members to sign-up for and manage Torah, Haftarah, and Megillot Readings for any given religious service throughout the year (Shabbat, Weekday, Holidays). By providing a hosted service, we take on the support, bandwidth overhead and most importantly; security and privacy of your members and your Institution.

User Friendly interface. Anyone can use it, regardless of their computer skills.
• An unlimited amount of readers can be signed up, or created. Even for special events such as Bnei Mitzvah. There is no limit and no extra charges
• Special Administrator Dashboard Interface
Your own website. Fully Customizable look and feel of your site – use your logo, synagogue’s name, design, pictures on the home page, etc.
• You can assign Shabbat, Chagim, Mincha Shabbat, Monday and Thursday readings as well as keeping track of Gabbayim and other synagogue activities.
24 hrs tech support
• Monthly free maintenance

• One annual Flat Rate (unlimited users)
• No Hidden Fees

• Two years free upgrades on new adds-on
• Email capability directly from your site.
• Assign and edit user’s username and passwords
• User profile database management including skill based useful information, mailing and personal information.
• Full customization for Triennial, Full reading, Israeli calendar, customized readings or color coded.
• Capability to add Tutorial links.
• Export readings to excel
• Automatic reminders. You can choose a weekly reminder or to be reminded more than once a week.
• One click-button reminder to Parasha readers
• One click-button email for help.
• Chat with the administrator
• Personalized initial tutorial to get up and running
• Access to Tutorials YouTube Channel

Readers interface features:
• Each user is assigned a user name and password by the administrator.
• WebParasha is hosted off-site in a cloud based server application environment, so no space used on your synagogue’s server and capability to access your readings from any part of the Planet.
• Peek and search available readings “at a glance”, by parasha or by date.
• Access and preview reading’s audio, tikkun style pdf files.
• After choosing an aliyah, both users and the administrator will get a confirmation email with date, parasha name, number of reading, link to audio and pdf and “add to calendar” feature.
• WebParasha’s mobile version is equally user friendly.
• Automatic reminders.
• When canceling readings and WebParasha will send an automatic email to the administrator and the reader.
• Share a reading with one or more readers.
• Access the board bulletin with important information by the administrator (upcoming special Shabbatot torah readings, festivities, or just community events, special tropes, etc).

Additional optional features:
Contact or chat with the administrator.
Subscribe to the synagogue’s newsletter.
Listen to mp3 posted by the cantor.
Schedule appointments to read from the Torah scroll.
View tikkun style (PDF) of the all the readings.
Upload photo of your synagogue’s scroll.
Upload and access links to tutorials about Tropes, Blessings, etc posted by your synagogue.

Each customization above and beyond the provided functionality of the application is quoted as a separate services project.


Read more about how WebParasha started, and what we can offer your synagogue.