“I can not recommend WebParasha highly enough – we’d be lost without it. It is a spectacular, MUST HAVE organizing and educational tool for any shul – GET IT NOW. It is so, so very well worth the small yearly fee. I’m shouting it from the rooftops: GET WEBPARASHA. Like a cell phone – you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it.”

Cantor Randy Herman

“I coordinate Torah readings for Temple Aliyah in Needham, Massachusetts where we have a large number of congregational Torah readers who actively participate on  a weekly basis.
We have used WebParasha since 2009, and using this extremely user friendly platform has been positively transformative in many ways, enabling users to independently peruse and choose available readings and obtain excellently formatted pdfs. I most highly recommend this fabulous program! “

Arnie Harris

“WebParasha is an essential element of my daily workflow. It is perfect for sending links to Torah and Haftara  portions to potential and confirmed readers, for creating a weekly list of readers and readings, for managing my roster of readers, for inviting people to choose and sign up for their own readings, for finding out who read a particular portion in the past, for keeping track of how many portions each reader read and much more.  Because it is a website, I can access WebParasha on my phone and on any device with an internet connection. Anyone who manages Torah or Haftara readers should absolutely use this fantastic tool. “

Hazzan Michael Krausman

-very User Friendly and easy to learn to use
-it is easy to see open readings and sign up
-people I have talked to who use WebParasha like being able to just click and see the reading before signing up
-I like being able to just click and be able to print out of the reading
-I like the reminder emails.”

Georgianne Oman

“In a world where we are used to sharing information with a tap on our phone or a click on our computer, why should Torah reading feel any different? WebParasha allows us to access our ancient tradition with modern technology, connecting past and future. “

Cantor Arianne Brown

“WebParasha is wonderful! It saves me a lot of time. While not ALL of my Torah readers are on WebParasha, the app enables my most frequent readers to sign up for readings at their convenience. It allows me to block off aliyot that are reserved for bnai mitzvah and their family members. I like how it generates an email to me the minute someone signs up (or cancels). Thank you Gaston & Nestor for creating this wonderful web application.”

Cantor Raquel Pomeranz Gershon

“WebParasha is a MUST-HAVE for synagogues and communities of any size, and with all kinds of leyning pools! In one synagogue, I found it to be an essential tool for every aspect of Torah reading administration. I was able to keep track of readings for myself, as well as offer the opportunity for readers to sign themselves up to read. It was also a great way to track how much people read, if we wanted to credit them. It also made communicating with all Torah readers at once as easy as a click of a button!

The WebParasha administrators are always responsive, and happy to customize readings to various triennial breaks, and the website offers PDF’s of the readings for the readers.

In my current synagogue, I use it just for internal administration, and am finding it essential for tracking who is currently scheduled to read, so I avoid sending redundant communications to readers. The WP administrators were able to customize my administrator’s page to meet my personal needs.

Every synagogue should have WebParasha!”

Naomi A. Weiss-Weil, Ritual Director

“WebParasha is a smart and convenient tool for our Torah readers and for me. After 10 years of using it we are thrilled to see that all Parshiot are full for the next two months. WebParasha is a user friendly tool that we rely on and love.”

Hazzan Pablo Duek

“WebParasha has been a GODSEND to Torah reading at Congregation Tifereth Israel.
It has enabled us to allow people to sign up to read – without having the system get out of hand.
Even more important, it has given our congregants easy access to texts and my own MP3s – without having to answer every request.

I’m contemplating what is the proper b’rachah to recite.
Finally, I would mention that we formerly read full parashah and now read triennial – and I can say from experience that it is a great tool in either “environment.”
Furthermore (so much for finally), Nestor is fantastically responsive to every request. Any issues or fixes? He’s. On. It. RIGHTAWAY.”

Jack Chomsky

“We have used WebParasha for several years. It is a most efficient way to sign up for or to assign Torah readings.
It is very user-friendly, and the hosts – Nestor and Gaston – are most responsive to questions and explanations.

I highly recommend it.”

Stan Mitchell

“I love WebParasha because not only does it make assigning and keeping track of readers easy for me, it also makes reading easier for my community. For my younger/newer readers, I can re-assign them a reading they’ve done in the past, and plan ahead for b’nei mitzvah and simchas. Also, having immediate access to a clear pdf of the reading’s tikkun page makes it so much easier to get materials to readers. Also, the customer service is personal, speedy, and professional. I highly recommend WebParasha!”

Rabbi Cecelia Beyer

“WebParasha  is an important component for us at Sinai Temple.  We have three venues for weekly Shabbat Services where B’nai Mitzvah take place during services.  Members and B’nai Mitzvah family members often ask to read from the Torah, so WebParasha becomes an essential component in getting the proper portion and audio track to each person.”

Aryell Cohen

“WebParasha is an invaluable tool for our congregation. With three venues each Shabbat morning, WebParasha enables us to effectively assign and keep track of all of our Torah and Haftarah readers. We have been using WebParasha for close to a decade and are very satisfied with the features and prompt customer service.”

Cantor Marcus Feldman

“In my previous job, I appreciated using WebParasha – WebParasha is an incredibly useful tool, in that it eliminated the majority of the mistakes that naturally happen when you are keeping track of so many communications with different people. It made assigning Torah readings less time intensive, since I no longer had to take time each year to set up the year’s leyning in a spreadsheet, and it helped me automate many of my reminders that I had previously had to send out myself. “

Rabbi Leora Kling Perkins